Leo starts the body work.
March 3, 2000
Leo has started to sand away paint in the areas that have noticeable damage and cracking. The original plan was 
to fix all the areas in question and block the entire car to make sure the lines were crisp and the car was
straight. If you knew Leo then you would understand that even on a perfect car that would never happen. After 
getting into a few of the main repair areas it was determined that the original factory primer that Chevrolet shot
on to the car in 1969 was not adhering! He would sand through the 3 coats of paint (1 coat of original Riverside
Gold and two coats of Blaze Red) and the red primer coat would just peel away from the fiberglass body. The good news
was that a lot of the surface cracks were paint cracks only, The bad news was that the entire car had to be sanded 
down to the fiberglass. Leo was not happy! In the long run this will yeld a much nicer end result, but keeping
Leo motivated is not an easy task!