423hp Power Plant!

June 3, 2000
At about this time the engine that I had ordered to replace the non numbers matching 350ci engine showed up at John's 
Mustangs and Classics. A 423hp, 383ci "Stroker Motor" would replace the 1970 C3500 
Truck block (Casting# 3970010) (engine ID Code VO115TAX) that was used to replace the original power plant 

by the previous owner. The heads appeared to be the original heads that were on the car in 1969, but somewhere along the 
line the original block must have been damaged and replaced. 

With the understanding that the car was not numbers matching, it was an 
easy choice to go with the 383. I had already invested in the Hooker headers and side pipes so staying with a
small block was the logical choice. The experts at Speed-O-Motive Inc. call this engine the "383 Street Master" and with 
437 ft./lbs. of torque @ 4500 rpm yielding 423hp it is plenty of power for a car I plan to drive often. With a
price tag of only $2850.00 delivered complete, you just cant beat it! The Street Master comes equipped with 
Sportsman II cylinder heads with 200cc intake runners. and 2.02/1.600 stainless undercut valves. The
nodular Iron stroker crankshaft pushes Silvolite hypereutectic flat top 10-1 pistons with ease timed out on a 
Competition Cams Xtreme Energy camshaft (224/230 @ .050, 268/280 adv., .502/.506 lift, 110 lobe sep.) An
Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake tops off the engine. It even came equipped with the mandatory chrome trim! 
I added Comp Cams Roller tip rockers after the engine was broken in. This is now a standard option on
this engine. It squeezes out another 2 hp. As of this update (5/7/2002) Speed-O-Motive Inc. now calls this engine the 
"425hp Strong Arm 400  Street Master" The price went up as well to $3549. Still well worth it in my eyes!
GET YOUR STROKER HERE -  www.speedomotive.com