Big Block Hood and 27 Fiberglass repairs.
July - August  2000
After much debate. I finally made up my mind to install the muscular big block hood that was installed on all the 
Corvettešs that got optioned with the 427 big block engine. My justification was simple. The 427 in 1969
yielded a mere 390hp. Certainly with 423hp I was qualified to adorn the big block hood! How ever you look at it,
I am building the car that I want, not a Bloomington Gold Restoration. My modifications to the car are few with
only the hood, the side pipes, a black cambriea top replacing the white vinyl original and the engine upgrade. The 
rest of the car will echo that of the original build, right down to the ralley wheels and trim rings.
I was able to pick up an original 1968 GM big block hood from Corvette USA in Ramona CA. To find a hood in 
such good condition was pure luck and to pay only $450 was a miracle! I was able to install the hood in less than a
half hour. A perfect fit! No regrets! The big block hood just finishes the look! Now I am getting eager!

There were 27 Major Fiberglass repairs that needed to be made. 
It was at about this time that Leo wanted out of the restoration project.