Engine Installation.
June, 2001
At this point it is a good thing to have friends in High places. Well, with a shop and a lift at least! One of my friends
owns a shop called Johns Mustangs and Classics. He allowed me the use of his shop, his staff and Himself to get the
engine installed. I would love to tell you horror stories, but with a team of professionals and all the right tools, engine 
installation was a snap! We did find that the "Big Block Hood" was much less a choice of mine and much more a
mandatory modification. The Performer RPM manifold and 750 Holley combo would have made reinstallation of the
small block hood impossible! That's why the LT1 in 1970 got the Big Block 427 Hood! Not just better looking, a must have!
I went with headers instead of the stock cast iron exhaust manifolds. For more on that please jump to the next section.
We upgraded the cooling system to the Big Block system. 423hp makes heat! For the record I never had cooling 
problems with the 350hp 350ci engine that I replaced, but I was not going to take any chances. This meant I needed a 
427 Big Block Core support, Radiator, Expansion Tank, Fan Shroud and hoses. Had I been told what this upgrade
was going to cost me ahead of time I would have had second thoughts! ($1200-$1600) It is the right thing to do so
I am glad it is done. Shhh, don't tell my wife.