The restoration of my 1969 Corvette Roadster.
The time had finally come. After holding true to my original promise to "Drive" my new 69 Corvette for a 
period of time no shorter that two years before attempting any level of restoration, I could now open the endless
void known as the Corvette money pit! The car not only spent many hours of driving time but it also attended a 
fair share of Car Shows and Cruise nights. Most Thursday nights were spent at La Mesa's "Back to the 50's"
Cruise night and We even made a rude appearance at the 1998 "Tour De Wangers." The "Tour De Wangers." is a 
Pontiac only car show. I claimed that the '69 Roadster was actually a Pontiac Banshee, a corvette look alike
concept car that was rejected before it made it into production. During those two years I did spend a few dollars 
on some small detailed areas such as Side pipes and Hooker Headers. I also collected various items that I knew
I would be needing to complete the restoration when I was ready to get started. Things like door window glass, 
horn button, steering wheel, drivers side door panel, a few lenses and interior parts. But now the real
investment would take place. Taking advantage of a few contacts I had developed I was able to make the cost of 
the restoration reasonable. (almost)

(ABOVE) This is what it looked like BEFORE the restoration. Trust me, the picture looks better that the
car ever looked. Yes, from 10 feet away it was nice, but after close examination you could clearly
see that this Corvette was far from where it needed to be. Click on each of the areas below and
you can track the restoration as I progress through it. 

Disassembly and Leo starts the bodywork  - 2/00 

This car has some history...  - 3/2000 - 5/00 

A 423hp Power plant is selected  - 6/00 

Big Block Hood & 27 Fiberglass repairs!  - 7/00 - 8/00 

Leos Final Primer and Long Block - 9/2000 - 11/00 

Back From Leos Shop - 27 Fiberglass repairs - 1/01

Bettencourts First Primer and Long Block - 2/01

Bettencourts Final Red Oxide Primer - 2/01

Torch Red Paint applied - 3/01

Cut, Buff and Polish 3/01

Convertible Top and Interior 4/01

Emblems, bumpers & trim 5/01

Engine Installation 6/01

Wheels, tires and Side pipes 6/01

UPDATE:  July 2001, We are trouble shooting an electrical problem. Hard short somewhere in the system!

UPDATE:  September 2001, We Broke a few rocker arms due to collapsed lifters! Adding roller tip rocker arms and new Hydraulic lifters

UPDATE:  October 2001, I did my FIRST Corvette Show! Took home a 2nd place out of ALL the 68-77 C3's (70 LT1out pointed me!)

I am now driving this car every weekend! What a blast! Clocked over 3000 miles already!!!!

UPDATE:  May 2002, I did my Second Corvette Show! Took home a 1st place out of ALL the 68-77 C3's!

This picture was taken by John Raifsnider
for the North County Times


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