Wheels, tires, and Side pipes.
June , 2001
Keeping true to the Vett's beginnings I powder coated and installed the original
15x8 Steel wheels and installed original trim rings and hub caps!
This is where I made a big decision. I am installing a set of Hooker Super Comp headers 
and Side pipes. This is one of those areas where the purists get a bit snooty.  I have only modified this car in 
three ways: 1) Cambria Top 2) Big Block Hood 3) Side Pipes and headers. The engine choice was mandatory
because the numbers matching block was long gone before I got the Corvette. Oh sure, I could have tracked down
a correct date coded block and made it a concourse restoration, but the truth is that it is a no win situation. The
Bloomington people would have still sneered at the replacement engine and I would not have the 423hp!
So, with justification aside, I installed the Hooker headers and side pipes after having them aluminum coated.
Then I polished the headers from the flange to the frame rail. at that point I maintained the rough texture of
the aluminum spray and painted them 1500 degree VHT Flat Black. After the side pipes were added I installed the
rocker panels and trim. This Corvette is so close to being driven, I cant sleep at night!