January 22, 2000
I had already made the commitment to embark on the restoration by January 2000. 
After removing the door glass I had my buddy Darren up to start tearing the Vette apart. We were 
able to get all the bumpers, chrome, emblem's, rocker panels and trim off the car in one Saturday night. 
The following week it would find itself at Mr. Car auto upholstery for interior and convertible top disassembly.

February 3, 2000
Frank down at Mr. Car had done work for me on both my GTO's. There was no other choice as far as I was 
concerned. His level of craftsmanship and fair pricing made it an easy decision. Frank had asked that I allow 
him to disassemble the car and be able to work on the restoration of the convertible top and seat frames 
while the car was in the Paint and Body Shop.

(ABOVE) Gutted

Leo starts the body work.
February 12, 2000

After Frank had completed the interior dismantle I got the privilege to drive the gutted Vette to 
John's Mustangs and Classics
. Owner, John Deluze was kind enough to allow me to use his rear lot and high 
volume air compressor to do the body work. One of my high school buddies Leo Marquez had agreed
 (after almost a year of begging!) to do the body work for me. Leo is a true artist and one only needs to see his 
1966 Shelby GT350 to see why. As far as I was concerned, if Leo was not going to do the body work, the
body work was not going to be done!.